Halo 5: Guardians Review

Halo 5: Guardians will divide all Halo fans. As a long time Halo fan I loved the game. Some will say it’s amazing, blurring the lines between game and interactive movie. Some will say that it’s Destiny crammed into Master Chief’s armor. Some will love it, some will […]

Rode VideoMicro Review

When I first saw the Rode VideoMicro, I was excited of course, but I had concerns. The main one was the price. Considering that it came with a dead cat (fluffy wind sock) which retails for $50ish for all of Rode’s other models, I was expecting the VideoMicro […]

The Adaptors Photo Shoot!

The Adaptors are a 4 piece psychedelic rock outfit from Sydney, which I was fortunate enough to be contacted by to do some band shots! It’s not every day you get contacted by someone wanting something different, but it was established early on that we’d be shooting some […]