About DS&B


Do Stuff & Blog was created in late 2013. It was intended to be nothing more than a collection of published works, a sort of ‘living resume’ if you will. By mid 2014 around 1500 people had decided to follow the blog. As of early 2015 DS&B is a proper blog, recognised as a legitimate media outlet by a number of companies, some are even known worldwide and their products will often be featured here.

Started by the perpetually curious Lewis (read more about Lewis here) as a way to unite all his interests and hobbies, DS&B covers a number of topics such as video games, photography, film making, podcasting, skateboarding, cars, comics, anime and many others.

As of early 2016, Lewis has started working for a number of magazines, as well as live streaming on Twitch and presenting videos on YouTube.

Welcome to DS&B – A little blog about doing stuff & blogging about it.

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