The #365photos Challenge

I have trouble committing to things. I must have said “I’ll do this one thing, this many times, for this duration of time” at least 20 times in the last few years and very rarely have I managed to follow through. Life, laziness, health, circumstance and money problems have played a part, but you know the old saying – where there’s a will, there’s a way and I never really found the way, so no excuses really.

Recently I have rekindled my love of photography. I also have gained significant amounts of confidence as a photographer, so I’ve decided that the 365 photos challenge would be a good way to combine my love of taking photos and my need to prove to myself that I can commit to something and follow through.

Additionally, VSCO was kind enough to give me just about all of their filters and presets in late 2016 for me to make a YouTube tutorial video series with. I haven’t gotten around to it yet because I’m trying to familiarise myself with the insane amount of filters and presets they offer, but this idea was sort of a no-brainer when I thought about what I wanted to do.

Most of, if not all of the photos will be taken with my Canon EOS M, Canon EOS 70D and iPhone 6s+ and will have filters/presets/film emulations applied. I will also be shooting with my Canon TLb, Canonet 28, Olympus Trip 35 and Polaroid film cameras, which I will use a variety of real films with.

I initially planned for the first photo to be something New Years-y. Unfortunately, like the fickle bugger that it is, fate had different plans and I ended up spending the first day of 2017 in hospital, which is the picture below, I think it actually came out alright, considering I shot it left-handed while barely being able to keep my eyes open.

I will be adding to this article every day as well as making it a featured post, so that it stays up the top. I’ll also be posting the photos to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages sporadically.

Welcome to day one.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

iPhone 6s+/HB 01 VSCO filter
ISO 64/
Royal North Shore Hospital

Canon EOS M/22mm/VSCO Afga Ultra 50 Lightroom film preset
ISO 100
My bed

Canon 70D/24mm/VSCO Kodak Portra 160 Lightroom film preset
ISO 1000
First rolls of 2017, Kodak Portra 160/Fuji Superia Xtra 400/Canon TLb film camera

Canon 70D/24mm/VSCO Fuji FP 100c cool + Lightroom film preset
ISO 100
Rouby in the yard

iPhone 6s+/VSCO H3 Polychrome filter
ISO 100
Sleeping Coco


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