Nixon Stormtrooper Watch


Nixon have been around for a while now. My earliest memory of Nixon dates back to one of the old Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. I can’t remember which one, but there was a Nixon shirt that I dressed my character in. I also remember seeing Nixon ads in a bunch of skate magazines and online, as well as recently when a video popped up on my YouTube dash showing a Paul Rodriguez/Nixon video. I’ve seen the brand around a lot, crossed paths in games and skateboarding, but I’ve never owned a Nixon product until now.

This watch is pretty rad! I don’t like wearing overstated licensed merch that much, even if it’s something that I love as much as Star Wars. There could have been a big old ugly Stormtrooper helmet in the middle of the watch face, but I really liked that they kept it subtle. There are only a handful of tells that this is a Star Wars themed watch, the colours are undoubtedly Stormtrooper, but if you look a little closer, you’ll notice the seconds hand is an Imperial blaster. There’s something Stormtrooper-esque about the watch band, but besides that the only other give away is on the underside of the watch, where you’ll find a raised Stormtrooper helmet outline, with the ‘move along’ quote. Other than those small but cool details, you wouldn’t know this is a Star Wars/Stormtrooper watch, which I really like!

I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and it’s not something I try to hide. I would happily wear a shirt that says “I love Star Wars” or “have my babies, Harrison Ford!” But sometimes, you can’t wear things like that. To funerals, or corporate events, or some job interviews for example. Sometimes, you need subtle. This watch is just that, it’s quiet, but also just looks great. I love everything about this watch, which is rare because I’m not a big watch guy. I suppose I could go on and on, but instead, I’ll just post a bunch of photos for you to check out. I’ll also post a link to my unboxing video of the Star Wars Darth Vader PS4 controller below, just for extra nerd points. Enjoy!


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