Xbox One Elite Controller, Ratchet & Clank, Logitech Shifter, Dark Souls 3, & Pokemon Cards From Japan!


Sometimes I have amazing days that could almost be mistaken for Christmas and today feels like one of those days. Mainly because I have a whole load of cool things sitting on my desk just waiting to be opened/played with. Starting with Ratchet & Clank (PS4) and Dark Souls 3 (Xbox One) which are two games that I’ll be reviewing in the coming days.

The review code for Ratchet & Clank arrived this morning via email, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m not a die hard fan of the series, but I have played a few of the games and definitely enjoy them. I fondly remember playing the first Ratchet & Clank on PS2 over 10 years ago. It was quite a fun game and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the new one before the movie releases in a few weeks.

Dark Souls 3 will be here tomorrow and if I’m being completely honest, I’ve never really played a Dark Souls game before. I spent about three minutes playing one of them at a friends house a few years ago and thought it looked interesting. I remember walking down a corridor and a boulder came rolling towards me, I ran back the other way and narrowly avoided getting squashed. I then walked into the next room and was instantly killed by some kind of spike/doom trap. I bitterly put the controller down and thought to myself “one day, when I am a much calmer man, I will play this game…” but I didn’t, until now! Well, tomorrow I guess. I have deliberately not watched any play-throughs because I want it to be a shock when I get killed by another spike trap. I may even do a Let’s Play if time allows it, but we will see.

IMG_0021A friend of mine recently went on a trip to Japan. I’m a big fan of pretty much everything Japanese, so when Liz (who you may remember from this Podcast) returned with a deck of the 20th Anniversary Pokemon cards, I was stupidly happy. I love Pokemon and the stuff they are doing for the 20th Anniversary is super cool. I already unboxed the 20th Anniversary Red 2DS so I thought I may do an unboxing of the cards too. As far as I know, the cards aren’t coming to Australia, so they are pretty amazing! The cards pictured are from another pack, not the 20th Anniversary pack, which I’m 99% sure only has the original 151 Pokemon in it. That video will be up soon. I also had a Japanese raspberry flavoured Kit-Kat which was delicious. Why does Japan have all the cool stuff!?

IMG_0019Next on the list of goodies is the Logitech Driving Force Shifter for the Logitech G920 and G29 Steering wheel. I unboxed the wheel many months ago when Logitech first sent it to me, but hadn’t been able to get it to work properly due to some kind of error with the firmware or something, whatever it was I didn’t understand it properly but it’s all finally sorted! I’ve used it about six times in the last five days and while I started out pretty bad, I’m much better now. I really like the flappy paddles on the back of the G920, but the stick shifter just feels so much more natural to me. I’ll be doing a quick unboxing of the Driving Force Shifter and in the same video I’ll do a proper review of the wheel. Again, that will be up soon.

IMG_0017And last, but not least, the mighty Xbox One Elite Controller. Holy cow this thing is amazing! It feels like a really fancy car’s interior. I can’t get over how well built it feels, even the RB/LB buttons have a really smooth and somehow audibly pleasing click when you press them. This controller is the next level for gamers and I still can’t believe I got one. Apparently they are hard to get at the moment as well, which I don’t know if that’s because of the AU$200 price tag or if there is a lack of supply, but a lot of the forums I’ve been on have said they aren’t easy to come by.

IMG_0018I’ve had a brief play with the controller and some of the different configurations and I have to say I am impressed! It feels so good in my hands, I honestly don’t think I can ever go back to the regular controller. There as so many adjustable components and settings that I think it’s going to take a while to get it dialed in properly. So far I’ve played a little bit of Halo 5 and Forza 6. From what I’ve seen so far, this controller is going to up my game significantly.

In Forza, you can set the underside paddles to be shift up/down, which feels smooth and really cool – kind of like hitting the flappy paddle on the Logitech wheel! I’m using the medium height dome shaped joysticks too, which are quite nice for drifting because my thumb just kind of smoothly rolls around it, but that’s probably in my head.

For Halo on the other hand, I am so happy with it, even without getting all the settings fully dialed yet. I’ve been experiencing some thumb pain lately, particularly when clicking the sticks to sprint or crouch, but now I’ve just mapped those controls to the underside paddles, meaning that my other fingers take that responsibility. That feature combined with the taller sticks have already made my hands feel a little better, but I will report properly on the results when I’ve used it more. So far though, I can’t see this being anything short of amazing.

IMG_0024I filmed the unboxing video (which will hopefully be up tomorrow) which you can see the aftermath of above. My desk has never been full of so many awesome things at once, so rad! But that is today’s update, tomorrow I will be getting stuck into all the products and games and hopefully have some content up soon! In the meantime if you can’t wait and have any questions about the stuff listed here, or anything else I’ve spoken about feel free to ask them below or you can always tweet at me on twitter @pikalew then check out my most recent unboxing video of the Darth Vader PS4 Controller, just because.

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