The Forza 6 Demo Is Live!


The Forza 6 demo is now live on Xbox One!

Ahead of the September 15th release (or 10th in Australia if you buy the Ultimate Edition from the online Xbox Store) Forza developers Turn 10 have been kind enough to throw us a little appetizer, or in this case a demo. At over 12GB it’s safe to say the demo should have a decent amount of content.

Claiming to be the “biggest Forza ever” Forza 6 brings much wanted features such as including day and night cycles as well as real world weather conditions to name a few. I think that it’s going to be amazing and of course I am downloading the demo as we speak.

I’ll be live streaming tomorrow on my Twitch and I’ll also make a YouTube video to go along with it as well as a full review when the game launches.

Follow me on various forms social media (@pikalew on Instagram/Twitter) to keep up with me.

Now it’s downloadin’ time, see you on the track!

Pro tip: Watch the trailer with the sound way up and on the highest quality your internet can handle!


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