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IMG_0094Some of you may have noticed I took some time off. While I would like to say I was on some spiritual journey, or even just a regular holiday, I’m afraid to say I have spent the last 2 months doing absolutely nothing.

I was feeling really jaded about my career choices as a writer and I was sick of only being offered unpaid work for “exposure”. I’m exposed, people know me well enough to send me freebies, I don’t need any more exposure. I need money, money and experience so that I can pay my way while also becoming a better writer.

Alas, I don’t think the job that I want exists anymore, at least as a paid position in Sydney. Seems like everyone is interested in having you write for them, on the condition you do it for free. So I spiraled into a doom like state of jaded despair and confusion. I questioned myself, every choice I had made and basically crumbled as a creator. So I didn’t bother creating.

Now, I’ve had some time to dwell, whinge, think, brood and cry. I’ve come up with some ideas about what I want to do, how I’m going to do it. This article is about that and what you’ll expect to be seeing from me and the site.

For starters you’ll probably see less written content and more podcasts and videos. I get 25,000 odd hits on my site a month and I can’t help but think that perhaps that would translate to YouTube views in turn earning me money so that I can afford to live and keep going with this little project of mine. That’s not to say there will be no writing, just less.

You’ll also start to notice more video game content. Primarily news and reviews. I love games and I now have a lot of popular game companies recognizing me, sending me games to review and news to share so I’d be stupid not to do this. Video games are a huge part of my life and this new stage of DS&B will reflect that. Cameras (photography and video) and skateboards will be featured heavily as well. From product reviews to sharing the latest content, both of these things will play a part in the direction I plan on going and like video games, the new site will reflect that. Comics, events, movies, anime and other nerdy/alternative culture topics will feature heavily too.

Eventually when I get the money side of things sorted I will pursue my automotive passions as well, but for now it’s going to be mainly what I have mentioned above.

I will also be changing the site around a fair bit, so bare with me while there are broken links and the like.

Starting tomorrow (with Gears of War Remastered) I am throwing myself wholly into video game journalism, photography, film making, skateboarding, podcasting and vlogging, so if you’ve been following me for other reasons feel free to unfollow – no hard feelings!

As always, I’m stupidly grateful to my followers and if you have any questions or comments leave them below or get at me on twitter @pikalew

Much love

– L

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