Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse Review (On A Mac)


In recent weeks I have been doing a lot more audio/video production than I have in the past. This has lead me to use my mouse (Apple’s Magic Mouse) a lot more than usual, in turn revealing that I get really harsh wrist pain when using that mouse for long periods of time, like say editing 1 hour of video/audio down to 7 minutes. I did some research online and it turns out there are a lot of people who get pains from using the Magic Mouse for things like video editing, gaming and just prolonged use in general.

I genuinely love the Magic Mouse, particularly the touch sensitive features which make things like horizontal scrolling and zooming a breeze, but I love not being in pain more. These days everything is ‘ergonomic’, I swear that word is the gluten free fad equivalent of the technology world. However, unlike gluten, there is no way to measure how ergonomic something is. Possibly because it will come down to personal preference. I know people who twist and contort their wrists for hours on end using a laptop trackpad and have no complaints at all.

My personal preference seems to be slightly larger, bulky and angled mice. So before I picked this one up, I did some research. I looked at round 5 mice before settling on this one. I was tossing up between this one and the Logitech MX Master. I heard a lot of good things about the MX Master and was impressed with it’s design, functionality and Mac compatibility but after trying it I realized that my wrist was still in the same position, with my hand just being a little bit higher and more arched. Not to mention the fact that the MX Master goes for around $100-$150AUD which is ridiculous for a mouse in my opinion.

The Microsoft Ergonomic mouse was my next choice and although it sacrificed things like bluetooth connectivity, Mac specific software and all of the extra assignable buttons, as soon as my hand touched it I was sold.


I’m no specialist ergono-mist but I instantly felt a load of stress lift off my wrist when I held this mouse. It feels a lot like a slightly elongated baseball in size and the thumb scoop is a perfect place to rest your…errm thumb. I like the simplicity of this mouse, it’s comfortable and functional without any bells and whistles. You get a right and left click, a clickable scroll wheel that goes up and down as well as left and right and two buttons that are naturally easy to reach from your thumbs position on the scoop.

The blue windows button doesn’t do anything if you’re using a Mac but the button below it can be assigned using Better Touch Tool which is a free download and makes everything work smoothly. This mouse uses a USB mini dongle which means you have to save a slot for it. I found that using a USB expansion bank makes it lag significantly so try and stick to a direct input. The mouse doesn’t seem to be laggy at all at around 20cm from the dongle, in fact I didn’t see any signs of lag until about 1m away.


Overall I really have no complaints about this mouse. I like how it fills my hand and has great, no frills functionality. It’s a little annoying that you have to get extra software and run it the whole time in order to take advantage of the conveniently placed thumb button, but the real shame is that big blue Windows button staring me in the face, cold, judgmental, lifeless and utterly useless to me as a Mac user. The glossy finish and USB dongle connectivity are minor gripes for what is otherwise an excellent mouse that is also easy on your hand and wrist.

– Big, comfortable and a delight to use
– Horizontal scrolling makes programs like Final Cut, Lightroom, Illustrator and Pro Tools much easier to use
– Not half bad for gaming
– Easy to install, literally just plug in the USB dongle
– Cheaper than a lot of other ‘ergonomic mice’ at $40-$60AUD
– No lag or interference that I found

Real Cons:
– Big, may not suit someone with small hands
– Limited functionality for Mac users, Better Touch Tool will help but the big blue Windows button will do nothing but stare at you
– A little pricier than what you might need

Nitpicking Cons:
– Glossy surface gets dirty really easily
– No bluetooth

Would I recommend it to a friend?
Yes. Minor issues aren’t enough to make this a bad purchase. Especially good for those prone to pains and cramps.

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