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    • Great news! I am about to upload a podcast about indie games which you may enjoy! What’s the game about? I’ll happily do a playthrough video and podcast as I’m loving indie games right now!

          • Hey Lewis, listening to it just now! Thank you, we don’t have any turtles I’m afraid, but the game is designed to be updated, so I wouldn’t say that you won’t see one appearing in the future. Its designed for mobile, so we plan for iOS & Android release. 🙂

          • That’s awesome! Thank you for listening, I’d love to hear what you think. iOS is ever better – I’m in the process of recording a series on iOS games at the moment. I feel like the medium is only just starting to be explored and people are taking more risks which is great. I look forward to playing your game!

          • Thank you very much Lewis. I’m enjoying it, you guys are currently talking about what makes an Indie Game Designer. Previously you talked about Portal. Technically it was an indie game as valve hired them after seeing their project. I believe they were students.

            If you ever require more information or would like to talk about LMGA then give a PM.

          • Wow I didn’t know that! I really have to start researching these things more, that’s awesome! I’d love more information on this stuff – in the podcast I mention that this is all so new to me so it’s really exciting and interesting. I’ll shoot you a pm, thanks!

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