Counter Strike First Timer Series Teaser

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.29.04 pm

Pro tip: Don’t trust the sketchy lookin’ Mexican food, kids.

Counter Strike is without a doubt one of the most popular games ever made. My experience with it is limited to just playing bot mode on Xbox 360, so when I got my hands on a Steam gift card recently, it was definitely at the top of my to play list. What I didn’t realize was how brutal and unforgiving this game is! I thought the Xbox version was tough with the bots on hard but the PC/Mac version is downright painful!

I swear the people that play it must be professional or something, or I’m just really bad. Perhaps a combination of the two. In any case my lack of skill has made me decide to do a series of videos and articles documenting my progression in the game. Going from first timer and dying every three or so seconds to hopefully being to at least get a few kills, but we will have to wait and see won’t we?

Below is a little teaser of the first time I played the newest Counter Strike – Global Offensive – and let’s just say it didn’t exactly go my way.

Stay tuned for the full video to drop in a few days and in the meantime add me on Steam – flopsyfrog13

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