Should You Replay The Old Fallout Games? Maybe, But Probably Not.

Fallout fans are struggling. After a massive Bethesda showcase from E3 2k15, you’re excited. You should be excited. If you’re not excited you could be suffering from radiation poisoning, you should get some Rad-X all up in ya.

Of course, we’ll need to wait until November 10 for our next sweet Jet hit, so what to do in the meantime? Well, here’s the definitive guide to the reasons why and why not to replay the Fallout games, 1 – New Vegas.

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics:

I’m grouping these together because the reasons are essentially the same. All incredible games, setting the scene for a marvellous franchise, but are they still up to scratch?

Whack Attack

For: It’s the Narrative, Stupid.

These stories are first class. Clever characters, great voice acting (when available) and fabulous landscapes. You’re missing out if you miss this. Like that time you missed that really great gun when you did that quest and only looked up that walk though later. Yeah, it totally sucked, I know.

Against: It’s (still) the Narrative, Stupid.

These games take a while. Noobs in particular may find the dated gameplay a struggle. If you can get through Fallout 1, then the next two games are (for all I’s and P’s) the same experience, the most important difference being the story.

This is a good thing, but also not. If you’re not 1,000,000% committed, you’re playing three identical games, which is a slog and a half. Like, imagine if fast travel wasn’t a thing. That kind of slog.

For: I’m Back from the Future!

For those who’ve only been here since Fallout 3 – you remember all those little references to towns/places/people from the early games?

No. Of course you don’t. Coz you’re a noob.

But you will, once you play these games. And then you’ll feel extra smart when you pick them in Fallout 4. You can even tweet them and build up an army of super cool followers! (+100 EXP if your handle is @TheApocalypse)

Seriously, for Fallout 3 starters it’s incredible how well formed the universes were in these early games. It’s a real credit to the creators they were able to create such a fabulous world from day one.

Hello Handsome

Against: It’s Been A While…You Isn’t Looking So Good

These games are like a cross between Kings Quest, Diablo (including the creepy music that still gives me chills) with a hint of turn based civilization thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, it’s looking pretty dated. It’s still playable, but it will help if you’ve played this kind of game before, and built up some retro-game stamina points. (there is a console workaround if you’re on PC)

Final Decision: Would You Like To Play A Game?

If you adore the Fallout universe and have a whack of spare time, without a boyfriend/girlfriend then a thousand times yes. It’s well worth it.

But, if you have a:

  • Partner
  • Baby
  • Job
  • Psycho addiction
  • Severe case of the runs
  • Netflix account

Maybe best to watch a speed walkthrough instead, you have more important things to deal with. (Actual order of importance; 2, 4, 6, 5, 1, 3. Trust me on that.)

Fallout 3 + New Vegas.

The Jewels of the Fallout crown, the games that have helped make the series kick in the 2000’s. Worth a revisit?

a NV

For: Good News Everyone!

These were good games. These were great games. Yes, you had to like this kind of game to think that, but as long as you did, you would. And on the subject of news, DJ Three Dog is possibly (definitely) the greatest character of all time, and gave me dreams of pursuing a career behind the microphone like Wolfman Jack (which just worked out so well…)

(On the subject of Wolfman Jack, here is a video of da master. His jingle goes for like a minute and a half though, which doesn’t even make sense)

Against: Wax on, wax off.

Both of these games are quite long, and start pretty slowly. You’ll go through the grind of tutorial missions; hit and runs on radscorpions and fire ants; plus those awful dialogue runs that make you ruin a quest line if you rush.

For: She Meant it as a Complement…

For those who’ve played 3 or NV before; you got psyched about Fallout 4, you wanna play it over again to get yourself in the mood – maybe light some candles, draw a hot bath? (Plz don’t take your computer in the bath)

“You’ll Spoil Your Dinner” – Wasteland Proverb

While you’re at it, why not try and achieve everything? Play these games differently and they’re totally different. Support the Enclave. Skip Megaton and start with Tenpenny Tower. Screw the NCR and help the Legion. You don’t want these games to get old, because…

Against: I’ll Be Back. Like, in November.

Related to the advice of Mr Miyagi, the next instalment of the series is not far away. The graphics are good, V.A.T.S. looks wonderful, and we like the Minecraft style construction (we also like that it’s optional). But honestly, it looks like the experience will be an awful lot like 3 and NV. Yeah, we wanna get pumped like a Fiend on Jet by playing the older games, but they could be the proverbial snack that spoils our dinner.


Final Words: Another Round?

If you haven’t played Fallout 3 or New Vegas, don’t. Play 1 and then wait until 4. That jump will be a blast.

If you got bored playing 3 or NV, don’t play them again. You’ll get bored again, and you’ll ruin the loveliness of Fallout 4.

If you were mildly entertained the whole way through, maybe only finished them once, then go nuts. But chose a different quest structure, or download the expansions and play them.

If you really love the games, then go back and play 1, 2 and Tactics. You’ll gain a better appreciation for the universe, and by not playing 3 and NV you won’t have gameplay fatigue come November 2k15.

So like, probably don’t play them. At the very least, be finished playing them by like…I dunno…September.

– B

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