Ladies Who Lunch!


A friend asked me to take some photos at a picnic/high tea themed gathering to promote her skirt business. I usually hate taking photos of people, they are the bane of my creativity in every sense. I find that more often than not, great photos are ruined by the simple evidence that people exist.

Forests with buildings in the background, beaches with people sprawling across them and even landscapes with houses in them. I find myself constantly trying to get a shot that doesn’t show signs of human life, pretty dark I know but it’s just how I do. I tend to love symmetry in my photos and people are more often than not, less than symmetrical.

I find it really hard to take photos of people as well. Considering I’m fairly new to photography I guess I don’t have the charisma to get the best out of people. I know a bunch of really talented photographers who take photos of girls and absolutely nail it, but that’s just not me. I prefer taking photos of insignificant things, rocks, trees, skylines and the like. On the rare occasion where I do like taking photos of people, they are usually doing something rad like skateboarding or driving.

Today was surprisingly painless though! The girls were a little aware of the goofy dude pointing a giant camera and flashing light at them, but when the food started flowing and the girls relaxed I relaxed too and it was a lot of fun!

I managed to get some really nice photos but have just chosen a few to share. Technically speaking I am really happy with the composition, lighting and colours in this set. I learned a lot about how lighting bounces off certain surfaces and that was an awesome experience in itself.

I was using my Canon 70D with the 24-105mm lens that I’ve used for most of my shots lately, as well as one Yongnuo YN-560iii flash on a tripod with the RF-603 triggers.

While I don’t think I’ll ever actively pursue taking photos of people, I had a good time today and learned a lot.  It’s definitely not one of my strongest styles of photography, it’s nice to know my weaknesses. It’s great when people find their confidence mid-photo and the subsequent photos are totally rad.

I’m headed to Vivid Festival later this week to get some photos so make sure you keep an eye on the blog – those photos should be awesome! In the meantime check out the full gallery from today below.


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