Is Affinity Photo The End Of Adobe?

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.20.17 am

Adobe is great. Everyone loves Adobe. Adobe is the guy at the party that everyone smiles and laughs with because they know if they don’t, he has the power to ruin them all. Designers, Photographers, Film Makers and even Audio Producers have been at the mercy of Adobe for a very long time but all that is changing. Don’t get me wrong, Adobe make a good program. “Industry Standard” is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days and if you can manage to get your product to be labelled as such, you’re pretty much set for life. Adobe programs have been getting called this for as long as I can remember but what if someone changed the industry standard? What if you could produce equally as professional work from another program? What if – I’ll stop there because there’s no need to hypothesize anymore thanks to Affinity. Check out this showcase video to see a handful of the features it offers.

I don’t know where these dudes have been hiding but since the launch of Affinity Designer I have been very impressed with what they do. Designer is essentially Adobe Illustrator. I honestly can’t see myself renewing my CC subscription for Illustrator now because of it. And if Photo launches as well as I think it will, I won’t be going back for Photoshop or Lightroom either. For those of you that use Lightroom’s Catalogs, I am loving Apple’s new Photos app for cataloging so won’t be needing Lr for that anymore either – but that is a preference thing.

In the video below I show you just one of the features of Affinity Photo, which is still in Beta I might add. I love this program, I love Affinity and I thank them for offering a legitimate alternative to listening to another lame joke from Adobe and pretending I like it.

I may do a few more of these videos showcasing more of the features as well but for now sign up for the beta here and have a play with it! You won’t regret it.


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  1. It will come down to easy of use, comparability of functions, stability/performance, and most of all price. Adobe is up there price-wise for students, and its that group that needs to get on board for the industry standard to change. I know old dogs who still swear by Quark (and wonder why they can’t find better jobs…)

    • Thanks for commenting Thomas! I agree with you and I am very curiously/impatiently waiting to see how it plays out and also what Adobe come up with to compete.

      With that said this seems to be exclusively Mac based which means all the PC users will have no choice really.

      Interesting stuff!

      – L

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