Reviewed: Goat Simulator Xbox One & Gameplay Video


Man I love Goat Simulator. This game is beyond GOTY (Game Of The Year) for me, it’s more like GOAT (Game Of All Time #illuminati) haha! I don’t know why I love this game but I do. I bought the PC version as soon as Pewdiepie subliminally told me to and have been hooked ever since. Now they have released an Xbox One version, so of course I had to drop the $13.45 on it.

I’m going to keep this really short and straight to the point because frankly no one is reading any of this stuff anyway and my fingers already hurt.

In Goat Simulator you do goat stuff. You can lick stuff and ‘baaaaa!’ to your goaty-hearts’ content. There’s probably, no definitely a lot of other stuff you can do too.

Final Review:

Buy it. It’s an awesome game that will keep you entertained for one, two or perhaps even more hours! You can’t argue with the fact that it costs roughly the same as a movie on a Tuesday and will allow you to live out all your Goat fantasies.

Goats man, goats.
Licking stuff.
It’s so broken that it’s amazing.
Xbox supports multiplayer.
Same Goat Simming action you know and love.
Pewdiepie said it was cool.

It’s kinda broken.
It almost certainly lowers your IQ.
Makes you question reality on a fundamental level.
No one will read your reviews because everyone is reviewing it.
No modding on Xbox.
Probably other reasons but let’s pretend I put more effort into this and act like I said something helpful.

11.675 ‘Baa’s!’/10

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