A Skateboarder's Journal

A Skateboarders Journal: Northern Company Deck & The Fallen Fortes Finally Pop


This week was a little bit slow for me in terms of skateboarding. I didn’t get to do a whole lot due to rain and a crappy ear infection which threw me off pretty good. Early in the week I popped down to Boarders to pick up a new deck and decided to give this Northern Company one a go. I’m really stoked on this deck! I have been trying to move away from my normal brands as of late and it’s payed off quite well.

This board is everything I have been looking for in a deck. Wide with no taper, crazy pop, deep concave which flows into the wheel wells for looser truck/bigger wheel clearance and a graphic without a skull! In fact, I really like their style of design with the earthy graphics and simple yet effective logo. I hadn’t heard about them before but I can honestly say after only a day or so with this deck, it’ll take a lot for me to not buy another one. That said I will be doing a full review on it (as well as finishing the Landyachtz Loco 33 review) soon.

I managed to get a quick session in on the day I picked it up, before it started raining. I wasn’t going to try anything crazy because of my balance being so off, plus I was only skating in my garage so I got out the old sharpie and did some doodlin’ then took a bunch of photos, some of which you see below

IMG_0014 - Version 2  IMG_0002 - Version 2

After goofing around for a little while I realized that my foot was hurting pretty bad and noticed that my Fallen Fortes had finally blown through the sole and my foot was hitting the ground with nothing but sock to pad it out. Bad times. But the silver lining is that I can now add the Fallen Forte to my skate shoe mission and give a quick review.

IMG_0007 - Version 2

These shoes are rad. I picked these up on sale for $50 but I often see them going for $70 which is a great price still. They are light and low profile which allows for great board feel. They are also durable for the price. I got around 3 and half months out of these babies and they only just popped. I’d say that’s around 75 sessions of solid skating, that’s just the sole wearing through too. The side still had life in it and the right sole could have gone a bit longer. I am pretty prone to foot pain and already have to put special insoles in my shoes due to flat feet, so I don’t like to wear them past this point, but I’m sure the more frugal of you would be ok with running them into the ground a bit longer.

I am really happy with these shoes because they are good on price and quality. I am currently wearing in a pair of Ray Barbee’s pro model shoe from Vans and I am not enjoying them at all. Compared to the Forte the Barbee’s are overpriced and have a lot less life in them to give. Shame really. But hey, the Fortes are a favourite of mine and I will definitely continue to buy them as well as recommend them to others.

In other news The Berrics are absolutely killing it with their ‘PUSH’ video series. If you’re not watching these then you are missing out! The series goes to the roots of some of the worlds’ top skaters and sheds some light on their beginnings. A few days ago it was Ishod Wair’s turn and holy crap was it good! Check it out below:

This week wasn’t all that progressive, I had a play around inside while it was raining and managed to stick a switch shove-it but other than that not a whole lot happened. I got my hands on a Northern Co board and I am loving everything about it so far. My Fallen shoes finally blew through (was starting to think they were indestructible but grip tape ruins all) and they are easily one of my favourite skate shoes.

I’m toying with the idea of building a mini ramp in my yard or garage because I’m sick of getting abused by people for skating in the street. I now also have access to a board press and will probably make a board within the next month, whether or not it works out will be another story.

I’m looking forward to this ear infection passing so that I can actually skate again and finish the Loco review as well as start this Northern Co one.

All in all it was a pretty slow week but some cool stuff happened regardless.

See you next week!

– L

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