I Built A Fly Bikes BMX With Odyssey Components!


I recently rekindled my love for BMX (along with skateboarding) mainly as a form of exercise but also just for the funsies. I love skateboarding and as exercise it does hit the spot but sometimes I want to go all out and pedal up a massive hill and skateboarding just doesn’t work for that. I was right into BMX when I was younger and until I started getting really bad back pain I was doing it almost every day. Last year I bought a bigger bike frame with higher bars and a longer stem and hey presto! No more back pain.

I got the old bike second hand off eBay for a cheap price ($150ish from memory) and gave it a solid beating this last few months. About 4 weeks ago I was riding along and heard a weird creaking sound, turns out the frame had cracked and long story short it was no longer usable. Seeing as the previous owner had a thing for fluro I knew the components wouldn’t be able to match up to much, so I decided to get a cheap second hand frame in good condition off eBay again and sell the bike on as a complete. I managed to make $22 profit which was rad!

I’d always had bikes bought for me as gifts when I was younger and only really bought second hand bikes as I got older, so starting from scratch was uncharted territory for me. I was particularly excited about being able to choose colours and make them match because all my other bikes were Franken-bikes, parts harvested second hand or from donations. I wanted to stick with brands I knew and loved and I have always loved Fly Bikes and Odyssey so those are the brands I went with, except for the handlebars which I kept from my old bike.


I was browsing the interwebs when I came across a 2010 Fly Pantera (the red one in the photo above) which had “been used only 3 times” and was going for $100 on eBay. The owner claimed to have been owned by a bike mechanic and featured mostly Odyssey components which were basically new according to the ad. I usually scoff at ads like that but seeing as this one was 15 minutes from my house, I was intrigued and decided to have a look. To my surprise the bike was near new, with not a single scratch and had mostly Odyssey components besides the seat, handlebars and pedals. The only real sign of wear was the tyres and the pedals which looked like they were just throw-aways that had been put on so I could ride it out of there.

After a quick roll around and pretending I know anything about bikes, I decided to buy it. It was a little short for me so I knew I would be buying a new frame but couldn’t pass up on all the components for $100. I stripped the bike when I got home and started looking for my new frame. All the components were black so I decided to stick with black. I had been loving this weird browny-maroon colour lately and thought it would go well with black. Luckily, Fly make a bike in that colour. The 2014 Fuego.


After some hunting around I found a discount online bike store that was selling the frame, in my size for $300 (they usually go for up to $600) so jumped on it pretty quick. As soon as it arrived I put the old frame in the box it came in and chucked it up on eBay. I wasn’t expecting anything and was totally honestly about the frame and it ended up going for $100! Awesome! I threw in some grips, pedals, tyres and other bits and bobs I had laying around and the new owner was very happy.

I have never built a bike, I didn’t know anything about building bikes, so I just started pulling parts off and sticking them on the new frame. It was all pretty easy until I nearly broke my finger trying to get the bottom bearings out of the old frame and into the new one. Pro tip, if you don’t know how to do this, get the bike shop to do it ha ha!

A few hours later I was ready to go biking! Except I had left the chain on the old frame. Mega derp. So I took some photos and the next day I went down to the bike shop. I ended up getting everything I needed from there and was on my way. That was about 3 weeks ago and I am still loving the bike! It’s stupidly light, around 9.5kg to be exact, so even I can hop it crazy high.

I’ll probably do a little ‘bike check’ style video on my YouTube Channel to go along with this article too.

Here’s the part list:
2014 Fly Fuego Frame
Odyssey Forks (forgot the model because I de-stickered them)
Odyssey Hazard Lite Wheels
Odyssey Vandero Hubs
Odyssey Red Wall P-Lyte Tyres
Odyssey 25t Sprocket
Odyssey Twombolt Cranks
Odyssey Springfield Brakes (full set, lever, cable, Ghost pads and brake arms)
Odyssey Lincoln Stem
Odyssey Aaron Ross Pivotal Seat
Odyssey Team Grips
Kink Human Bars


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