“Skate Heads” Video By Flexfit


Did you ever play that awesome video game called Skate 3? I did. I did, a lot. I loved that game. Not because of it’s unique controls or realistic (compared to Tony Hawk’s) setting and physics. I didn’t love it because of the hilarious glitches (google it) either. I loved that game because you could drop just about anything you wanted into the world, drag it around and skate it in the weirdest way you could think of. I think that’s why I am loving this video right now.

These dudes literally row a boat up to shore, drag it around a bit and then skate it like it was part of the floor. I want a boat like that! Totally awesome. Special mention to the dude at 1:01 with that weird ass boned ollie, damn I need to learn that one, looked rad! Then to step it up a bit, they bust out a weird ramp on wheels that looks like some kind of artsy sculpture and oh man that tuck knee blew my mind!

If that wasn’t enough diy weirdness, the group decides to bust out their mobile mini ramp/train cart/living quarters (which I would totally use as a getaway cubby house) and…actually why are you even reading this, just watch the video!

I will say that it looks like most of the guys are skating Welcome Skateboards which you all know I am a huge fan of and you should be too. I will also mention that I am working on a skate video of my own which will drop very soon and I hope you all enjoy, it’s videos like this one that are inspiring me to keep going with it and make it better.


(source: Monster Children)

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