The Killing Floor ‘Black Magic’ Skate Deck Review


You may have noticed that I’ve been getting right into skateboarding lately. Some may even call it a spiritual journey, most probably won’t though. As of late I have been completely fascinated with all things skate related. My skate shoe mission is forever ongoing, as is my yearning for the perfect deck. I have even started making plans for a mini ramp to be put in my yard or garage, but more on that later. Point is, I am loving skateboards right now. I particularly love weird/old school shaped decks. Don’t get me wrong, paddle pop stick shaped decks are awesome, but I’ve always loved directional double kicks that are a little wider, a little weirder and a whole lot nostalgia-ier. While skating past my local skate shop today, I noticed a 50% off everything sale. I couldn’t help myself. Continuing the skate shoe mission I picked up a pair of Ray Barbee’s signature Vans for $40, which I was pretty happy with. On my way out I spotted this weird board high up on a shelf, with a weird shape and a weird cat. Just my kind of thing really.


I pretty much had to have it just cause I liked the shape and graphic. After a pretty poor attempt at a “custom grip job” I was outside skating a car park. I had never heard of The Killing Floor but I’m super glad I have now! What a rad deck. It’s light but strong and has awesome wheel wells which allow me to run loose trucks without a huge riser which seems to be a problem with some other wider/old school shaped decks. There is some serious pop to this thing, even I can ollie it stupidly high, which is saying something because I haven’t skated in so long! The shape is awesome too, I would have preferred to have a little wider nose but it’s still pretty great as it is. The deck’s concave is also perfect for me to hold manuals, I haven’t quite felt this kind of ‘locked in’ feeling before but I am surprised by how easy it is to find the sweet spot for manuals and nose manuals as you can see in the video below. I still think I can hold them for longer too!

The deck is 8.7ish inches wide at it’s widest point and about 33ish inches long. This is a little thin for my usual liking but it’s been easy enough dropping down from my 9.5 inch Welcome Skateboards boat, although I still love that board. I’ve got some Independent 159’s (169’s were a little too wide, 159’s are a perfect fit) with Bones hardcore bushings and some Spitfire 55mm skate wheels with Bones bearings. This set up is perfect for me right now as I’m skating in a smooth car park mostly. I like to run my trucks a little loose for that lanky goofball lean and the wheels aren’t biting at all. You could easily throw some squishy filmer wheels (wouldn’t go over 56-58mm without a riser) and have yourself an awesome cruiser too. The board is definitely light and thin enough to flip and I’m probably going to try to re-learn some flip tricks over the coming weeks. I mentioned above that the nose is a tiny bit too thin for my taste, I like a big ol’ dish to hook my foot into when hopping over stuff. With that said though, the nose works great for flipping, nose manuals and I even managed to pop a nollie. I’m completely nit picking there though. I am truly happy with this board so far and I highly recommend getting your hands (or feet) on one as soon as you can!

Deck: The Killing Floor Black Magic 8.7″
Trucks: Independent Stage 11 159’s
Bushings: Bones hardcore bushings
Wheels: Spitfire 55mm
Bearings: Bones

I’ve had a lot of interest in the cat shirt that I’m wearing in this feature, I will be ordering some to be printed in the next few weeks and will put a feature up when they are available from the Strange Collection eBay store.

Thanks to Jess for taking some snaps!

Be sure to throw The Killing Floor a like on their Facebook page too!







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