I Bought A Cajon!

I'm considering buying one… #bongo #drums

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I have been wanting to learn to play drums for as long as I can remember. Due to living in small apartments for most of my life that was never really an option. Since last Christmas when my mum bought me a mini bongo, I have been wanting a much bigger and louder one. Last year I was really interested in learning how to play a Taiko, but due to them being $1000+ for just the one drum, I decided not to get one. I live in a much bigger and better house now, one that could easily accommodate a drum kit, so I decided I was going to get a drum kit.

I went into a music store the other day to look as some and was instantly drawn back to bongos for some reason. I was playing it in the store (probably annoying people because I have no clue what I am doing haha!) and decided that a big bongo was the way to go. While I was hovering over this one bongo, (the one you see above) I noticed these beautiful wooden boxes with massive price tags on them. I was curious, so I did what any mature adult would do and went up and poked it. I realized there was a snare beneath the smooth wooden face and started referring to it as a “drum box”. I decided that I wanted to shop around a bit more for the right bongo so I left. When I got home I was still thinking about that drum box. Questions like “What was it? What did it do? Why was I so drawn to it?” were running through my head. Seeing as my musical talent is basically limited to making some bad synth sounds in Logic Pro X and looping them, I really had no clue what it all was and therefore it was very exciting to me.

I did some googling on “drum box” and found out it was actually called a Cajon (pronouced “Ka-Hon”) and started watching some YouTube videos of people playing them. From what you see above to dubstep remixes to acoustic live performances, the Cajon had me hooked and I simply had to have one. So today, I went to a few music stores looking for one. I was initially looking at the brands that I know which were a bit pricey but didn’t sound all that great unless you went up to $400+ which I don’t really have at the moment so was feeling a little bit bummed out. That’s not to say that the entry level ones aren’t good, but they just sounded a bit weak to me, particularly in the bass.

I went to my local music store to have a look at one last one, it was Pearl’s entry level “Primero” Cajon. I thought it would be great, it was a bit more expensive than the others and it was made by Pearl so surely it was going to be good right? Well, it wasn’t. The shop keeper had a little play on it and it just didn’t do anything for me. I asked him if he had any more around $200 and he said he had one for $250. I was curious to see the difference so I asked him to show me. He pulled out a much bigger, heavier and nicer looking (in my opinion) one and sat it down. He had a little play on it and the bass was amazing! Seriously, the store was pretty much shaking. I really wanted that one but $250 was a little too far out of my price range, but thankfully the guy could probably see the despair on my face so dropped the price to $200 for me. Win!


I hadn’t heard of Tycoon Percussion but the sound and build quality was enough for me to give it a go. I’m planning on finding some lessons online to get better seeing as I have no clue what I am doing, so hopefully I will have something to share in the near future. In any case, I highly recommend getting a Cajon, even if you’re not musically inclined, it makes a great stool!


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