The Skate Shoe Mission


One of three skate shoe graveyards scattered around my house

For as long as I can remember I have been on a mission. A mission to find not only the best, but the most consistent skate shoe. I have had at least 200 pairs of skate shoes in my life, but I can’t say with absolute certainty which is the best, or rather the best for me. I find myself buying the Vans Era Pro and Fallen Forte the most, simply because of how they fit my feet and the board feel is perfect for me. But lately, I have wondered, is there more? Is there a better shoe out there for me? In recent weeks I have started skating properly again. As a by-product of my rekindled love affair, I’m going through a pair shoes almost every month. The downside is that it’s costly and annoying but the upside is that I’m out and about, moving around and having fun. This also grants me the opportunity to try out some new shoes. I bought some Nike SB’s the other week and wasn’t really happy with them. They were just a bit too shallow for my feet to feel comfortable in. Although I will say they are durable and weirdly light, but just not for me. I went back to my old faithful Fallen Forte’s which are pretty much on their way out due to me trying to re-learn heelflips. Today I decided they will need to be retired soon and I should go look at some new shoes.


I instantly spotted these red “Huf” shoes (I’m weirdly into red right now) and was pretty much sold. I hadn’t heard of them before but apparently they have been around for a while. What I will say is that they are easily the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They are also light and the board feel is amazing! I will have to shred them for a little while to see how they hold up but so far they are doing great. Have I possibly found the best shoe for me? The mission continues…



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