I’m Going To Be A Photographer! Probably…

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This has been something that I have flirted with for a long time. I have always loved photography but the idea of studying it has always been a little crazy to me for some reason. From when I first picked up my film camera that my grandfather gave to me, which he bought in the 70’s and I still use today (bottom right of the picture), to when I bought my first DSLR and was blown away by the technology, I have always been fascinated by photography.

I actually worked as a photographer for a little while when I was a kid, taking photos of tourists at The Opera House, although I hated that haha! I decided that photography wasn’t practical due to it being an already crowded field and felt that anyone with a few grand could waltz into JB Hi-Fi and pick up a 5D, whack it on auto and take stupidly beautiful photos which is something that seems to be happening a lot these days, unfortunately.

A few years later and I’m ashamed to say that I have lost my way. I rarely had the opportunity to take photos so I never really took it seriously. For a while, it was enough. Apart from the odd happy-snap which I would feature on my 500px, I wouldn’t make any effort to take photos, although there was always a part of me that wanted more. I wanted to know about composition, lighting, aperture and the technical aspects of taking a photo.

Recently I have been inspired though. Inspired by the people around me, but also myself, as weird as that sounds. The owner of Zen Garage (who I have written for) was a large part of this decision. Justin Fox, who I consider a friend and a mentor, has recently been taking his photography to insanely cool places. Seeing how fast his skill and name have grown in such a short time is amazing to me. I want that. Granted, he shoots mostly girls which I probably won’t be pursuing but the fundamentals are the same – passion gets you places. Photography is definitely a passion of mine and I feel like I’d be stupid not to try and take it seriously.

I also mentioned I inspired myself. How weird is that? Let me explain what I mean. Some of you may know that I recently decided to start a magazine. While I was studying design, learning how to make a magazine using InDesign, it never occured to me that I’d need content to put in that magazine. Good content as well. Photos are a pivotal part of that and I realized very quickly that I would need to up the ante or outsource. Unfortunately for me, I am pretty great at convincing myself to do crazy things.

Those are only some of the reasons though, I won’t go into my whole ‘existential crisis’/’you only have one life and it’s too short not to do what you love’ dealio because that will be a lot of time you’ll never get back.

Instead I’ll just say that I am excited. Really excited. I’m not happy with my current level of skill with a camera so I can’t wait to step up my game and bring better photos to the blog as well as be able to fill the magazine with great content and photos to boot. Who knows, I may even make a few bucks from it!

– L

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