Welcome Skateboards “Slappy Slap” & “Planchette”

New deck time! Three words that will bring a smile to any skater’s face. I wanted to try a new brand this time round and was curious about Welcome, so I picked one up and absolutely loved it, so I decided to pick up another!

specsThe strange graphics drew me in, but after riding them, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to ride anything else! The decks are strong, poppy, wide and long but don’t feel any bigger than a normal deck. This is great for me because I got used to riding really wide boards when I was into longboarding a few years ago. The transition from 9″ to 8″ wide decks may not seem like much to most people but it was a huge change for me. With boards like these though, my size 12 (USA) feet feel right at home and have plenty of real-estate to get freaky with. From foot plants, to 180 no-comply’s, these boards feel great while taking a trip back to the 80’s style of skating, which I am really into at the moment because I’m old now and can’t throw myself down flights of stairs anymore haha!
IMG_0094That’s not to say you can’t get crazy tech on them though. Flipping the Slappy Slap is a little harder than the Planchette because it is a bit wider, but it’s not impossible. They are both extremely well built and solid and have taken a beating in the last few weeks but haven’t chipped or even lost their pop. I also tried out the Slappy with some softer wheels and it makes a great cruiser too, like you needed any more incentive to pick one up!

These boards are great all-rounders and can suit just about anyone. If you feel a little more wild and want to check out the huge catalog of weird boards from Welcome, click here. They also have an awesome YouTube channel to get you hyped.

Crazy graphics
Well built
Good if you’re used to riding wider boards and want to get back into street decks
Loads of different shapes and designs to suit just about anyone
Old school shapes, for when bert slides make a come back…again
Cruising, bowl, vert, street or whatever you’re into, they’ll work great

A little pricey ($120-$140 in AUD)
You probably will never own them all
You feel bad when you destroy the graphics
Prone to wheel bite if you run looser trucks/bigger wheels (I was rocking 54mm ones with a 1/4″ riser and they were still biting a little)

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