Elder Scrolls Online Confirmed Free To Play!

It has officially been confirmed that Elder Scrolls Online: “Tamriel Unlimited” will re-launch on June 9 and be free to play (not including the initial purchase of the game) on Xbox One and PS4 following the extreme disappointment from fans all around the world for a number of reasons.

I personally never thought a paid version would work, even though I did get it and play it for the trial period. It was riddled with bugs and problems but it had a good premise – all the fun of Elder Scrolls but with friends! One of the problems was that a lot of the Elder Scrolls fans aren’t too fond of the idea of paid subscriptions, we’ve never had to pay anything besides the initial cost of the game (and DLC) so why should we pay now?

Well that’s no longer a problem and I personally can’t wait for it to come out with this new business model. There needs to be a competitor to Dragon Age: Inquisition! I really hope the launch goes smoother than something like Halo: The Master Chief Collection for example because that would do more harm than good I think.

You can read the full story as covered by IGN here.

Are you looking forward to Foos Ro Dah-ing with your friends online or has the ship sailed already?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @pikalew

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