Enter Shikari’s New Album “The Mindsweep” Is Being Streamed And It’s Amazing!


Well, it’s been a while since Enter Shikari brought out an album. After listening to their newest album, I can see why. This is some of the best, most unique (that’s saying something) music that they have ever made.

Do yourself a favour, set aside a few minutes, sit down and listen to this amazing piece of work.

Pay particular attention to The Last Garrison, the title and song was the inspiration for me to start working on a graphic novel. Anesthetist is also an amazing song, with a strong message, while Never Let Go Of The Microscope has one of the best breakdowns I have ever heard on a Shikari song.

I am completely in awe that these dudes have managed to hit another one out of the park, it’s days like these that I am glad I named my dog after the lead singer.

Preorder the album on iTunes here.

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