My New Car!

So I recently bought a Forester. Before I get accused of being body snatched, let me explain.

I spent literally the last 4 months looking for a car to do the track project, looking at all cars from Japanese to European, I considered just about everything. I was working on a $4000 budget and was getting really sick of driving for hours to see these cars that were all trashed.

Flash forward to two weeks ago, my mum decided to buy a new car and was considering trading in her Forester towards it. The dealer offered her $3000 (it’s insured for $12,500…) and we both agreed that wasn’t a good deal so she didn’t trade it. I had been driving the Forester around for a few weeks while I was still looking for cars. I’d drive in air conditioned comfort in a car that has been looked after since day one and never had a rough day in it’s life.

Then I’d rock up to these JDM cars that have been thrashed to within an inch of their lives by some dickhead who is only selling it because he knows that he’s completely trashed the engine. Majority of them were really unpleasant people and clearly dodgey.

I’d do the drive of shame home with my envelope full of cash and jump straight on Gumtree to spend the next 5 hours lining up a new car to look at.

My mum then asked me if I wanted the Forester, for free. My initial reaction was no, I want something cool, fast, fun to drive and that will get me mad street credz, yo. After 4 more failed car viewings, I decided it may be worth considering.

I told mum that I couldn’t just take it from her and she told me that she would only take $1000, no more. I agreed and the deal was done. I then found out it recently had an engine swap from a 2007 Forester with 65,000ks on it, new tyres and rego, which I didn’t pay for so got a really good deal. I would have had to have been stupid to pass on it.

I started driving the car as my own and was initially a bit disappointed because it’s not what I’m used to coming from all the sports cars I have had.

With that said, as far as practical cars go, I love it and probably wouldn’t have anything else. It’s roomy but not hard to drive. It’s quick enough but doesn’t guzzle fuel. It’s got enough creature comforts to keep me entertained and holy shit is it comfortable. I can also comfortably fit my skateboard, full camera kit, a huge load of shopping, 4 people and my dog without any hassle! I have been considering studying photography in 2015 so having a car like this will make carting my gear around a breeze.

I started doing some research on them and turns out there’s a massive after market for them, which I had no idea about. So seeing that I paid next to nothing for it, I thought I may trick it out a little bit. Nothing major, but just enough to make it stand out a bit.

On top of that, I did some number crunching and seeing as this car has a near new engine and hasn’t been trashed, it’s not going to cost as much as say a 93′ Skyline with 280,000k’s that’s been drifted around every corner in Western Sydney, which means that I can start saving for a really good car.

If everything goes well, I reckon I can save enough money to get either an R32 Skyline or an NB MX-5 before mid 2015, which is really awesome.

In the meantime, I have made a little scrap book of pictures like the ones above to use for inspiration. I plan on making my little Forester a bit cooler, a little more “JDM” and just nicer really. Currently it looks like the first picture but I want to get a colour matched body kit, nicer seats and nicer wheels to start with and see where it goes from there.

Anyway, that’s just a little update for anyone who wanted to know why I’m driving a soccer mum-mobile haha!

– L

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