From Cars To Video Games: Times, They Are-A-Changin’

So this is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. It was not an easy decision to make and I feel like it’s bittersweet, but for the best. It’s not really an ending, just a ‘pause’.

As some of you know, this blog has always maintained a sort of “car centralized” point of view, because I live and breathe cars. But lately, there has been some problems with that.

Basically, I have decided to move away from automotive journalism and try my hand at video game/technology journalism. As I said above, this was not an easy decision and one that had been weighing on me for a while. Through the last few months of trying to find a car and having to deal with some of the most disgusting and ridiculous people, I never lost sight of what I wanted to do, and I still haven’t.

In a nut shell, all that I have been doing/wanted to do for the last 7 months is write about cars. From the moment that Toyota handed over the keys to the 86, to when I arrived in Brisbane at the first ever AusGarage Motorshow, to when Mighty Car Mods asked me to write for their magazine,  also when I had a brief stint with TopGear Australia and when I was fortunate to have a few of my articles put up on Zen Garage’s site, I have nothing but fond memories and have been supported by some truly amazing people. But I feel like in order to step up my game, to take the next step in that career, I need to start a track project.

For me, the track project was always the holy grail. It would be perfect for me to do and to write articles and make videos about everything that goes into taking on such a project, while proving to the world that not every male under 25 is a complete wanker. I had it all planned out in my head and everything was lined up perfectly. Over the last few months I have been saving as much as I could, but life is expensive and so are sports cars. I’ve seen maybe 50 cars in the last few weeks and whether it be that the owner was an asshole or the car was overpriced, I have not been able to find anything suitable. Now considering that I rarely had paid work coming in as a writer, I had to find a car that was somewhat reliable and cheap to fix. That is where the main problem came from. Also seeing as I am not very mechanically knowledgeable, anything that went wrong with the car would cost me money, which I didn’t have.

It also quickly became apparent that any car that is below $5,000 (some above even) that is suitable for a track project, has been thrashed within an inch of it’s life. This is bad news, because that was already stretching my budget. I did some number crunching and realized it wasn’t just the car that I needed either. It was the car, a helmet, fire extinguisher, tyres, petrol, accelerated maintenance costs, track day fees and a whole bunch of other stuff that was going to leave me with next to nothing in case something major broke. Not to mention if circumstances changed outside of the track project. On top of that, I got so sick of looking and dealing with nasty people that I have just given up. For now at least.

I am a firm believer in “don’t do something half-assed” and that is exactly how I feel the track project would be if I went ahead and got a car I can afford right now. So I have realized that I need to wait until I have more money. Unfortunately for me, my only real marketable skill is writing. Automotive writer’s don’t get paid all that well when they don’t have a car and therein lies the conundrum. With all that said, I will definitely be returning to automotive journalism as soon as I have the means to do it properly.

Ok enough of the sappy sad stuff! Here’s the cool stuff:

I have recently re-fallen in love with video games. I had considered writing about games and making YouTube videos in the past but always thought that my work would fall on deaf ears, and maybe it still will.

This is what I know, I have all the latest consoles, an excellent camera, a great computer, an awesome microphone and a shit load of time on my hands. I am constantly researching games and game culture so I figure why not have a go?

There’s a good chance this will fail completely but unlike cars, I have everything at my fingertips that I need to make a proper go of it. Which is exciting for me. I don’t want to be a one trick pony and only write about cars anymore, that doesn’t get me anywhere really. I am fulfilled in myself sure, but fulfillment won’t pay the bills unfortunately.

What does this mean for the blog? Well, I will never not love cars, in fact I have a photo-shoot with an S15 coming up and I will more than likely be heading to the TopGear Festival in Sydney early next year with full coverage of the event. I will just be focusing on gaming news, reviews, updates and videos more so.

I will also be bringing more guest bloggers on board as well as focusing more on skateboarding, bikes, photography, art, design, music, movies, TV, manga, comics, cosplay, anime, radio/podcasts, film making and anything else that I can wholeheartedly be invested in and therefore provide interesting and exciting content. I also will have the money to focus on launching my magazine which I might not have been able to do otherwise.

I feel that as a writer/journalist you have to be able to provide a point of view that is unique, interesting and fresh. I just don’t think I can do that with cars anymore. But I know I can with a lot of other things, which is what I want to play to – my strengths.

I hope this post wasn’t too long and boring but if you have any questions, comment below or tweet me @pikalew

I would like to thank everyone who has followed my blog(s) and published my work, the continued support means more to me than anyone could possibly know!

– L

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