Call of Duty: The Positive & Negative Effects On The Video Game Industry

Unless you have been living under a rock, or are still trying to get that Exotic weapon in Destiny, you’ve probably heard about the latest Call of Duty game – Advanced Warfare.

Just quickly, this is not a review. I haven’t really been interested in a Call of Duty game since 3. Not Modern Warfare 3, just 3. The one set in the 40’s with the M1 Garand as your main weapon, loved that gun and that game. For those of you that are interested in a review, IGN gave it a 9.1/10 here. One thing I will say though is oh my god the graphics! Is that actually filmed or what? What a display of how far gaming has come in the last few years!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 1.48.37 pm


Now you might be thinking, well if this isn’t a review, then what is it? A rant about COD being sh*t? A “leave COD alone, it didn’t do anything wrong” speech? Or something in between? Well actually, it’s none of the above. This is just my opinion about some of the positive and negative effects that Call of Duty has on gamers and the gaming industry.

Let’s back up a bit and talk briefly about previous Call of Duty games and why they are hated on by so many, but also loved by equally as many.

Way back in the day, before things like xXNoScopezzXx and noob-tubing existed, a little game called Call of Duty came out. Everyone loved it, it was a realistic take on war, had great graphics for the time and incredibly slick shooting mechanics that worked well with the controls. It was a hit to say the least. Fast forward a few years and after a few sequels, the companies that made it had a little falling out, things were said, grenades were thrown and the decision was made to split the Call of Duty game rights in two.

Fast forward a few years again and the horse has been dragged out and whipped to death so many times that it’s basically just a stain in the dirt where something great used to be, but it still makes a lot of money. Why is that? Why can you put a slightly different spin on essentially the same thing and still make stupid amounts of money?

This leads me to a negative point.

The thing with all of the latest Call of Duty games is that unlike some other games/developers, they aren’t trying to make something completely different. They are trying to make something different enough that you buy it again and again and again. They don’t want to completely revolutionize their franchise but instead make slight additions and changes to try and make the best version of their original game possible. It’s the gaming equivalent of Vanilla Coke – same stuff with something extra. Thankfully Coke hasn’t tried as many times as COD though, that would be a bit messy I think.

The people who live and breathe Call of Duty are the ones calling the shots when you think about it really. How do I know this? Well it’s simply because you can pretty much predict what the next installment will have added and how it will be set based on what the players are asking for. You ask for a crossbow, COD delivers it in a pretty golden package in the next game. You want to control that vehicle? Sure! They say. You want realistic fish? well here…I won’t be that petty but you get the idea.

Call of Duty constantly caters to their target market in such a way that they feel like they are almost obligated to buy the next one just to see that one feature they have been dying to see. And it works. Year after year, game after game, Call of Duty sells millions of copies worldwide.

This is why a lot of people hate it. Which leads to my next point.

Apart from the people that truly love what Call of Duty has become, the majority has nothing but hate for the game(s). You see it on every YouTube video comment’s section or Facebook post, people love to express their distaste for it. I think it’s fair enough to dislike a game, but to spend hours and hours arguing with someone about why the game is crap is just absurd.

If you are the kind of person that likes to troll the comments section picking fights and complaining about why COD sucks so much, then before you go on your next spree, think about this:

It’s because of games like Call of Duty and their ridiculously easy sales, that companies can afford to take $500,000,000 gambles on games like Destiny. Before you start digging into Destiny, let me finish. All of the best video games were not developed over night. They took elements from years and years of creating games and combined them together with their own spin to make the games we know and love today. Here is an example.

Doom > Goldeneye > Halo. Three really great games for their times right? Well in the original Doom you had very little control over where you could look and shoot. In Goldeneye you only had one joystick to play with. By the time the first Halo came out, you could look anywhere you wanted and had two sticks, one to control movement and one to control aiming. Those elements didn’t just happen, the creators knew that something needed improving on and they each made their attempts to eventually round out at a really solid gaming experience.

So with millions of dollars floating around in the gaming industry because of games like Call of Duty, we have new games, new attempts like Destiny which will eventually make a really solid game. I personally think a Pokemon game with similar mechanics to Destiny would be amazing! Think about that for a second and add in some better social features like trading in The Tower (Poke-Center) and you would have a primo game.

Call of Duty is the reason that companies will take risks, because they know if they make a good enough game, it will sell and go on to fund more games that are even better.

Which is pretty great when you think about it.

So before you go all ‘keyboard warrior’ complaining about how COD is just a money making hack ruining gaming, think about the fact that it’s because of those ridiculous sales that we get to see so many new games.

I could go on and on about the positives and negatives but I think I will leave it there for now. Do you have anything to add? Do you love COD or absolutely hate it? Leave some words in the comments below or tweet me @pikalew!

– L


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