Graphic Design & New Content For The Site


Graphic Design

As of last Monday I am officially a student of Graphic Design. It feels great saying that out loud. I have always been so lost and unable to choose one thing that I like and it’s always been a downfall for me. With Graphic Design it seems like having a variety of interests and a ‘willing to try anything’ attitude is almost essential, which is awesome for me because I could never choose between Photography, Magazines, Web Design, Product Design, Animation and all of the elements that make up/are used in Design.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit scared. For one thing I have never drawn well. I can doodle and scribble (as you can see in the feature image of this article) but I have never felt comfortable with it like I have with Photography or Writing. That said, I have a plethora of ideas running through my head at any given time which if I can learn how to get them from my imagination to page and then into the computer, I’ll be golden.

It’s an amazing feeling to be looking at things a different way, asking different questions and being inspired by the most random things. I always knew this industry existed but I never really considered being a part of it until about a month ago. It’s also the first real step I have made towards my life goal of starting my own magazine.

I’ve got a long way to go and lots to learn about drawing, design, typography, illustration, Adobe, the industry and most importantly, myself but I am really looking forward to seeing where I go with this.

My plan is to basically knuckle down and focus my ass off, contact as many people as I can and learn as much from them as possible, then when I feel comfortable, start taking on some freelance work. Should be awesome!


New Content For The Site

In the last few weeks I have been coming up with various ideas about what to do with the site. I love writing. I love writing for Zen Garage. I love writing for Mighty Car Mods. And I love writing for myself. I’m constantly thinking of new and interesting things to write about and I think I have come up with a real gem.

You may have noticed the Guest Blog Author icon next to my hipster photo. The plan is to have some guest bloggers getting content up on the site. I really want to give people a chance to be heard, people who may not have the confidence or exposure to do so. I will be searching for people who are interesting and passionate so if you know someone like this then get in touch!

Another thing I will be doing is interviews. I have never done anything like this before so it will be a completely new experience for me. Like the guest blog, I want to interview people who are passionate about what they do and try and get as much content from them as possible.

Along with those two things, I am still working on my motorsport project. I have chosen the Mazda MX-5 as the car I want to use (will do an article on why when I get my hands on one) and am aiming to start in late October. It’s been extremely hard finding time to look for cars and I have also taken a pretty big financial hit with taking on this course (MacBooks ain’t cheap) which has been a mild setback. I am going to be selling my car in the next few weeks which should allow me to get my hands on one and begin the project!

This sounds like a lot but I’m really excited to get started and document it all along the way.

Hopefully some of you enjoy what I come up with!

– L

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  1. I envy you! Good luck and seriously, artists rule! Please do actually focus even when you severely don’t feel like it-look back at the post and see why u got in in the first place. Best of luck 😉

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