Guest Blog By Harrison Bender: Live Free Longboarding


Words: Harrison Bender
Photos: Harrison Bender & Tylah Morgan

The Beginning

Live Free Longboarding started out with myself and Alex Pargeter, a couple of over-stoked who wanted to share our view of longboarding with the world through our eyes. We were sitting down one night frothing at the first season of Greener Pastures and decided that something had to be done. After we bounced a few names off each other we settled on Live Free Longboarding and hastily a YouTube Channel was made. From there we had our first member join, Tim Spurling, followed by Alex Niglio, both of whom attended the same school as Alex and I. I got my hands on my Dad’s video camera and we started shooting videos with limited gear and flexy cruisers. As time moved on we came across an Adelaide skater who recently moved to Melbourne, Lewis Drake, who quickly became a member of our small group with some very solid skating that just screamed stoke. Recently we have had two new team members added to the group, Pete Johnston, who also attended our school (aside from Lewis) and Zak Mills-Goodwin, their positive attitudes and ideas to bring to the table were a must have, not to mention their sick style!


Media Presence

As we improved and we started to attend events such as Crazy Daisy Slide Jam and races such as the Geelong Race our channel began to grow as we brought edits to the local community. With the upgrade of camera gear to a brand new DSLR, we began to take photos at events, which we uploaded on our Facebook page as well as film, giving the Melbourne Skaters something personal that they could keep and take away from these events. A few of the memorable events include the Sherwood Skate Closed Road Slide Jam and the Kings Bay Slide Jam and we were stoked to play a part in sharing the stoke from these jams. Aside from the edits of Jams and other events, we released several product reviews which caught the public interest, one of which was featured on the Vault Skate website. We also released a winter series called Winter Wonderland which consisted of a series of videos of the boys skating in an attempt to keep stoke high through the cold months of winter.



 The production of our boards began as a design technology (woodwork) assignment for Alex Pargeter, Alex Niglio and myself. We bent the guidelines we were given and got to work researching methods and materials to create boards from scratch. We had a huge helping hand from local board builder Tom Gleeson who was kind enough to show us the ropes and even help out with our board moulds. We currently have two boards that are in low level production and early stages of prototyping, one is the Live Free Puppet, a thirty-five inch double kick board, made for cruising, slapping around at the park and freeriding down some of the more mellow types of hills and the Live Free Relapse, a thirty-seven inch board in the prototyping phase, with two small kick tails a longer wheelbase to take at higher speeds as well as kicking it around town. There is another shape in the works for Relapse mould which hopefully will be ready to prototype in the not to distant future.


Stay tuned for more updates by hitting us up on Facebook and YouTube. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We are more than happy to help out!


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