Goat Simulator Finally Makes It To Mac/Linux In Beta Form

ss_0f0e9008ba21b5eed106147cdc355d3c7bad683a.1920x1080For those of you, like me, that have a Mac, we know that when it comes to creative programs we are well and truly above the PC goers. But when it comes to gaming, we’re in a bit of trouble. Without a doubt PC dominates gaming, but I mainly use my Xbox for gaming anyway so it never bothered me all that much. Every once in a while though, there is that one stand out game that makes you question every computing choice you have ever made and for me, that game is Goat Simulator.

After it’s release on Windows earlier this year (April) I spent hours watching countless YouTube videos and play-throughs. I got so fed up with not being able to play it that I bought the game on my girlfriends’ significantly underpowered PC and played it on the lowest graphics setting and dealt with the constant frame drops and glitching.

Today however, the developers have released a Beta via Steam! I’m writing this as I download the game and I am so excited to finally play it on a decent computer.

I will probably upload a video about it on my channel soon enough, with a tutorial for anyone who is having trouble accessing the Beta. For now, check out the status posted via the Goat Simulator Facebook page or go to the Steam community page and download it for yourself!

– L

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