Do Stuff & Vlog! The YouTube Channel

Do Stuff & Blog now has a YouTube channel!

Equally as creative with the title, I have called it ‘Do Stuff & Vlog’. The whole idea of the channel is to create another way to…well, create!

I love writing but sometimes there are things that you need to see to fully experience. For things like my motorsport project, video game reviews, skits and movies, I feel like writing about them wouldn’t be as entertaining as making videos. Also I am absolutely loving learning about how to shoot and edit videos, which is an added bonus because what better way to practice than actually doing it?

I will still be writing regularly but I will also be contributing a fair bit to the channel. If you are interested in cars, skateboarding, video games, photography, videography, movies, comics, anime and everything in between then you should definitely consider hitting subscribe.

I am really excited to get this channel underway and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will enjoy making it!

Thank you all for the amazing support, I have around 4000 followers on my blog and I appreciate every single one of them. I just hope it shows through my videos and writing how much you all mean to me.

Much love,

– L


DS&V YouTube Channel

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