2am Thoughts

Life Update & Various Other Things You’re Not Interested In.

what am i doing with my life
Hello friends and internet peoples! I haven’t posted anything in a while on any of my blogs, I just kind of needed some down time/nothing was going on that I deemed sharable.

But I have news! And it’s good news! I have started looking for cars to begin my YouTube series about buying a car and getting into motorsport which will be launching around the time my article with Mighty Car Mods is released. I am super excited to be getting out on the track finally, although I am a little bit terrified. It’s one thing to pull the handbrake and hoon around on a dirt road, another thing entirely to deliberately go as fast as you can around corners ha ha!

As well as the YouTube series, I will also be starting to make Vlogs, which I am also a tad nervous about. My favorite thing about writing is that I have time to think about what I want to say and correct mistakes. Things like fast talking and mumbling don’t matter when you’re a writer but as a Vlogger it can be pretty hard to watch someone like that. The idea behind my blog/vlog (Do Stuff & Blog/Do Stuff & Vlog) is to bring all my ideas together rather than having separate blogs and YouTube channels dedicated to one single topic. It’s really annoying to have to sign in and out of various sites just to reach all of my followers (which is getting to a combined total of nearly 3000, whaaa!?). I also wanted to do the Vlog because I feel it’s more personal, which is something I feel I lack in writing. It’s also quicker and easier to digest, a 3 minute video is much more likely to be viewed than a 3 minute article is to be read. Large amounts of words look boring, which brings me to another reason why I’m going to be making YouTube videos – film making.

I have recently become fascinated with making videos and due to my crippling and debilitating fear/general dislike of people I do not think studying would be a good way for me to learn. I have never enjoyed educational environments and always found I learn the quickest by researching and doing. So hopefully I’ll learn how to make some snazzy videos that look a lot more interesting than endless paragraphs of my rants.

You can pretty much expect it to be about cars, gaming, technology reviews, photography, film making, skateboarding, bikes, comics, rants, my struggles with existence, food, whatever comes to mind at the time. Which I hope some of you enjoy.

In the next few weeks I will have made a few beginner videos which will include a feature of my new car, talking about the article I wrote for Mighty Car Mods and a full introduction video explaining what I want to do, who I am and why I wanted to make a channel.

Hopefully keep you all interested enough!

Thanks for the support as always, even though 3000 may not seem like a lot, it means the world to me.

– L

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