How Did I Get The Toyota 86?

tumblr_mz9oqsc4q91s2w07wo1_500Recently I have been getting a number of questions about how I managed to get the 86 for a week, so I thought I’d publish them here. Looking back I can’t believe they gave me the car but more than that, I can’t believe some of what I wrote! In my defense, I did write them at about 4:30am…

Here they are!

1. Because drift.

2. Because there hasn’t been an affordable RWD Toyota in years.

3. Because chicks dig 86’s.

4. Because I would challenge the drift king to a drift competition.

5. Because I want to see if there really is a pipe that runs from the air intake to the drivers foot well just so you can hear the engine.

6. Because Jeremy Clarkson said this car is good and he is amazing.

7. Because drift.

8. Because I need something to deliver Tofu in.

9. Because I probably will never be able to afford one.

10. Because I wish I could afford one.

11. Because I have had near accidents (walking and driving) starting at these cars.

12. Because I named a cat that I found “Hachi Roku”

13. Because every time someone asks me “what car should I get?” I say an 86.

14. Because Toyota decided to make it available in manual.

15. Because drift.

16. Because I wrote a huge rant about how much I love this car on a website

17. Because if I drive one I can tell my significantly richer friends to buy one, therefore allowing me to be closer to one.

18. Because Toyota won’t let me test drive one at a dealership.

19. Because I know too much about pretty much every Toyota besides this one.

20. Because I stared at it for over an hour when there was a promotional one parked inside my local shopping center (pretty sure they thought I was going to steal it)

21. Because it would be really hard to steal one.

22. Because I want to see if the back seats are as small as they look.

23. Because everyone I see driving them seems to be over 80 and I want to change that.

24. Because drift.

25. Because I’m hoping we’d be allowed to take it to the track.

26. Because I made it to 26 reasons.

27. Because it is one of the best looking cars I have ever laid eyes on.

28. Because my fingers are starting to hurt from typing.

29. Because I really want to win.

30. Because I want to go on a road trip.

31. Because I am trying to think of 57 more answers.

32. Because I like how the Boxer engine has an 86 x 86mm bore and stroke, that’s cool.

33. Because the AE86 is one of my favorite cars.

34. Because I paid to be able to use the Scion FR-S on Forza. (wish it was an 86)

35. Because I like the red stitching.

36. Because I like how Toyota put a large tacho in the center of the instrument cluster.

37. Because I really hope it’s a red one.

38. Because I like how you can flip the head rests to accommodate for a full face helmet.

39. Because I’m writing this at 3am.

40. Because winning things is nice.

41. Because I won’t smoke or eat in it.

42. Because I’m trying this hard to win.

43. Because I’m halfway there.

44. Because I’m pretty sure I won’t win and this will be a massive waste of time.

45. Because I didn’t read if I was allowed to do more than one reason or not.

46. Because I’m too scared to look.

47. Because my eyes are hurting.

48. Because drift.

49. Because I will Instagram the entire 86 hours and annoy all my friends and followers.

50. Because please?

51. Because I asked nicely?

52. Because I’m running out of reasons but not giving up.

53. Because I’ll be super sad if I don’t win now.

54. Because if ever I have the money to get one, I will.

55. Because if I ever have the money to get two, I will.

56. Because in 20 years I will more than likely buy a beat up old 86, restore it and give it to my son on his 16th birthday, even though everyone else will have hover cars.

57. Because I don’t want a hover car.

58. Because I really, really, really, really, really, really like this car.

59. Because I don’t win any competitions and this would be a good start.

60. Because I want to be able to say “remember that time I won 86 hours in an 86, that was rad”

61. Because I want the above statement to be true.

62. Because I committed to this list even though I pretty much ran out of reasons around number 15.

63. Because I’ve got no car at the moment due to my car getting written off by an old lady at a set of traffic lights.

64. Because it’s rear wheel drive and that’s cool.

65. Because I really want an 86.

66. Because I only need 20 more reasons.

67. Because I want to have a photo of me driving an 86.

68. Because if I don’t this list was pointless.

69. Because while I’m driving it, people will think I own it and I could really use a confidence booster like that.

70. Because I think it would be lots and lots of fun.

71. Because I then will be known as the dude who wrote 86 reasons to drive an 86 for 86 hours and that is cool.

72. Because I’ll put number 71 on my resume.

73. Because I’m nearly done.

74. Because drift.

75. Because I may never get to drive one otherwise.

76. Because I haven’t tried this hard to win anything ever.

77. Because I’m hoping someone has laughed at one of these at least.

78. Because pretty please!

79. Because I’m not sure you will have taken the time to read all these. (this is a test)

80. Because you passed!

81. Because congrats, you just won a drive in my 86! I’ll be driving, you can sit in the passenger seat and choose songs from my iPhone.

82. Because I hope iPhone connectivity is standard in the 86…That would be awkward if it wasn’t

83. Because I’m probably going to get a lot of crap for writing all these.

84. Because I really managed to pull this off. (kinda)

85. Because you just read 85 reasons, may as well give it to me now. 🙂

86. Because I absolutely, positively adore and celebrate this cars existence and I want to see more awesomeness from Toyota in the future.

– L

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